Dear Pilots

I would like to introduce you to Ryanair Virtual. We are one of the fastest growing virtual airlines to date, with professionalism and realism as the cornerstone of our operations.

Do you feel you’ve reached a dead end with your flight simulation experience? Do you feel as if you’ve exhausted the use of your 737-800? Joining Ryanair Virtual can alleviate these issues, as we have faithfully recreated the real world operations of Ryanair. Fly out of one of Ryanair’s European bases to all manner of destinations which we have mirrored in our route database. Sick and tired of straight in ILS approaches? Our flights to and from secondary airports offer non-precision approaches such as NDB’s, VOR’s and even the occasional circle to land! There is no better place to hone your flight simulation skills.



Pilots 29
Aircraft in fleet 398
Routes 341
Total hours: 443:36
Flights total 18
Flights Regular 13
Flights Charter 5
% Flights Regular 72.22 %


CallsignPilotDepartureArrivalDateFlight Time
RYR0001Didier Ottenburger  EGSS  LFRG 14-06-2017 00:46
RYR0013Dimitris Agoudimos  LGRP  LGAV 13-06-2017 00:48
RYR0013Dimitris Agoudimos  LGAV  LGRP 13-06-2017 00:46
RYR0021Ahmed Emara  LGTS  LGAV 10-06-2017 00:42
RYR0021Ahmed Emara  LGAV  LGTS 09-06-2017 00:49







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